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Skyrocket your sales with Web Seller Guru + Zik Analytics integration

Find fast profitable products with Zik Analytics and list them automatically via Web Seller Guru

You are able to upload hundreds of items from Zik Analytics to WSG super quickly with few clicks, saving time.

From WSG you can easily bulk list transferred items and start selling profitable products.

Setting up and integration takes only few steps and you are ready to start making money.

With the best product research tools from ZIK Analytics and WSG you will start making profit in no time.

Sell profitable and Hot Selling Products

Our integration is free and comes with each plan that we offer.

Active Users

What makes the integration between WSG and Zik Analytics so useful?

Finding a good product to sell is crucial to maintaining a successful dropshiping business. Zik Analytics is the best tool for products research and with the integration between WSG and Zik, life gets a lot more easier! If you are new to Zik Analytics, you can register on their website and try out their trial for 7 days, costing just $1. It’s totally worth it.

Save time

You are able to upload hundreds of items from Zik Analytics to WSG super quickly - it's just a matter of a few clicks. The process is automatic, which saves time and as we know - time is a really valuable thing, especially when you are doing dropshipping.

Listing items is easier

Once the items are transferred to WSG, with just a few more clicks, you can bulk list all of them and you are all done. You are now selling profitable and hot selling products.