Tips to be more effective: When you’re working from home

How to be more effective while you are working from home?

Creating a routine

At first, working from home was a “search.” So it is with everything that one is not used to. That is why it is important to create a routine – to help yourself get used to it. It takes a while, but building a habit helps for more focused work afterward.

For example, a person can create a ritual that sets him up for work – making coffee similar to coffee in the office, or recording important tasks for the day, or reviewing several specialized publications. Thus a person adjusts and inserts his mind into the subject matter and dynamics of his activity.



The schedule helps colleagues to know who is “online” when, if the nature of the work requires any joint activities. Also, the schedule helps a person to self-discipline. If necessary, the schedule can be signed and printed and placed in a prominent place – the important thing is to follow.

Minimum distraction

For a person to work efficiently from home, he must minimize distractions. When we are at home we tend to think about non-working things – the need to repair the roof, shopping and more. Even if this is not the case, a person gets distracted very easily – something comes to his mind, he opens the search engine to look for information, jumps on a social network and hops, one hour of the working day has flown away.

If you can’t do without such small distractions, it’s best to set time “slots” for “wasting time” – for example, every two hours of intense work you can “give” 20 minutes of idleness on Facebook. If necessary, he can set an alarm to remind him when to return to work.

Pleasant things should not be missing, but they should not be distracting. For example, if a person is inclined to work against the background of a chattering TV, this is OK, but if he decides to watch a favorite movie while there is work to be done, most likely the working day will be a complete disaster.

Arrangement with the family

This is the other very important factor – everyone in the family to know that you work and that you should not be confused, unless necessary. It is important that the topic is discussed and that everyone is aware of the details so that there is no insult or anger. Let everyone at home understand that the working person needs to be focused in his activity and should not be disturbed and interrupted – neither “for a little”, nor for much, nor “just for something” and the like.

More on the topic

It’s time for e-education. Now.

If this is something important, then let the relatives first ask themselves if it is something they would call on the phone on a “normal” working day in the office.

Given the situation, it would not be surprising to come to a situation where several people are working from home. Then it is good for everyone to have their own space. In this way, everyone will be able to calmly conduct their voice conversations, take a break and “get” distracted between hours of focused work – without disturbing the others.

The situation may require some reorganization of the space, especially if it comes to the situation where there are two working parents in the home and several children who study remotely.

Clothing and footwear

Most people think that working from home is working in pajamas, but this is not always the case. If the work involves meetings with colleagues and clients, they will most likely be held through teleconferences. In this situation, it would not be nice to appear in front of the camera in casual clothes, bearded, shaggy. That’s why in the home office one has to dress decently and maintain one’s appearance.

For some people, wearing clothes can be a factor that helps them adjust to work, focus and self-discipline, respectively.

Shoes are an underestimated factor. It is very important to have comfortable shoes and this is not an easy task at home. During work we usually wear shoes and at home I wear slippers or slippers, but sitting in front of the computer at home is a different situation and it may turn out that the slippers, with which we are otherwise so comfortable to walk around the house, in fact, they are uncomfortable when sitting for a long time.

That is why it is important to pay attention to the comfort of your feet. The discomfort for them can lead to pain in the legs, pelvis and even the spine – and the computer will not be to blame for this, but the shoes will be responsible.

Comfortable workplace

Working from home requires convenience. The awkward position of the body and arms can lead to back and neck pain, even to tendovaginitis – with sharp pain in the wrists. Improperly tuned display can lead to eye spasms.

It is possible that one has underestimated the comfort of sitting in front of a computer at home, simply because we spend relatively little time there at home. But now that day after day we will be in front of the computer all day, it is important that everything is comfortable.

The monitor should be calibrated and adjusted well, the plane of the desk should be at a suitable height, the chair should be comfortable, daylight should not be reflected from the screen to the eyes.

Second internet

When working from home, a significant factor is the availability of two independent Internet sources. We usually have a Wi-Fi network in our home, but what if for some reason it refuses? An alternative, second route is needed.

Of course, most of us have this: the mobile internet on the phone. If necessary, the smartphone can become a second router in the home and transmit a signal instead of the Wi-Fi network. To do this, we must ensure that its connection is sufficiently reliable and stable.

This is not a problem for homeowners in big cities, but for country houses and remote villas it is a factor that should not be underestimated.


And this is the most enjoyable part of working at home: one can eat whatever one likes without worries: a dish with a lot of garlic, and fragrant fish, and crispy chips. Everything must be prepared on time so that we do not interrupt the work process in the name of prolonged cooking.

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