Non-Api eBay Flag Protection 2020

Non-API eBay Flag Protection 2020

In 2018, eBay added to its policies that it would reduce organic traffic to dropshippers. This shocking new announcement provoked many eBay sellers to give up dropshipping. 


Don’t worry, Web Seller Guru have your back!

In this article, you will find out how eBay actually discovers whether you are a dropshipper or not. You’ll also learn how to “unflag” your account. Because reduced traffic can lead to lower sales.


What eBay flagged account means?

eBay has announced that it will discover dropshippers and report on their accounts, reducing their organic impressions of their search results.

It has not been officially announced, but they have updated their policy that they will not tolerate dropshippers. You can see how one of the resellers shares their account performance.

You can see a huge drop in promoted listing sales and also a big drop in impressions. This is a 99% sign that your account is flagged.


Don’t Panic!


Web Seller Guru has a solution!

eBay will not report on accounts that appear to be managed by human activity – without any software.

The problem with this is that it is actually impossible to work that way and earn real profits without software that helps you manage your dropshipping business.

So how do you save time and still stay “under the radar” on eBay?

There are tools that allow you to do the work and works as a manual (Non-API) dropshipping software.

In fact, this means that you will simply install something in your browser that will make eBay assume that someone is manually running the stores.

With this method, if eBay verifies the software tools that are associated with your account, they will not find related dropshipping software.

This is because non-API solutions work without eBay’s remark.

With Web Seller Guru Non-API software you will be able to still list your items easily and it will track them, so you can be sure that you wont sell on a loss or sell out of stock item.


How to avoid being flagged from eBay?


  1. You can protect your account from being flagged using Non-API function. 
  1. You can work manually, but then your store will need your attention almost 24/7. eBay will not flag accounts that appear to be managed by human activity – without dropshipping software.


Can you “Unflag” your eBay account?


There is no 100% answer to this question. A lot of people that get the flag are leaving the business and we still don’t have enough data to tell you if theres a way or not. 

We have clients that “unflagged” their accounts two-three months after using our Non-API function.

Here is an example of one account being “unflagged” after he started using Non-API.

How long does it take for eBay to flag an account? 

eBay usually flags accounts after approximately three to six weeks after the first sale. However not 100% of the dropshippers are flagged. eBay flag accounts on “waves”. This mean that every month they are making their research and cut the traffic for a bunch of sellers. No one is insured. 

Is copying and pasting eBay titles tell the eBay that you are a dropshipper?

Absolutely YES!

We all know these dropshippers that steal titles and descriptions from other sellers. Also, placing a copy of Amazon or a different supplier titles and descriptions would result the same. eBay can detect repetitive texts and can easily understand that you are a dropshipper. So you have to create unique titles and descriptions (as long as the list allows) to give you a less chance of being flagged.

Delivery of your products from different places

After uploading a tracking on eBay they know from where you are sending the package. Different shipment points are just a sign that you are not sending items from your home or business address, but you are most likely a dropshipper.

Like any business, there would be some difficulties and problemes ,but the dropshipping business will never end. The rules just change and we have to adapt if we still want to make money. The faster we adapt, the better we will be as a online entrepreneurs.

We hope you find this article helpful.

Remember – Web Seller Guru will always be you partner and we will take care of your problems.

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