How to increase your Dropshipping sales?

How to increase your Dropshipping sales?

How does Dropshipping work from Amazon to eBay?

Using Amazon as their source of products and supplier: Many eBay sellers use eBay listing software with the same item, title, photos, item description (and highest selling price). Then, once the Amazon product is purchased from eBay, the software automatically orders the Amazon item and ships it to the eBay customer.

eBay Dropshipping Sellers Competition

This ‘lazy method’ of copying and pasting items from Amazon to eBay creates stiff competition between eBay dropshipping sellers selling the same items (copied from Amazon …) using the same title, images, and sometimes the same price, without any real difference between sellers, as seen in the image below:

eBay Dropshipping items with short titles and missing keywords

When eBay sellers use Amazon dropshipping, some issues may arise when copying Amazon item titles to eBay due to the difference between the eBay and Amazon platforms.

For example, Amazon sets product titles to 256 characters per guideline; however, eBay item titles are  limited to only 80 characters, so the program sometimes skips important keywords when copying the Amazon title to eBay. These missing keywords may be relevant to the user’s search, such as Item Color, Brand, Model, or other item details, such as Material, Size, or target audience.

eBay Search Engine: Better eBay Item Title Leads to More Sales

The title of your eBay item is one of the most important factors for the eBay search engine because it allows you to sort and display relevant items in the search results using the best match algorithm.

eBay sellers, and specifically dropshipping sellers, should consider changing their item titles to include popular and more relevant keywords for better visibility in eBay search results.

Example: same eBay item, different titles. Who sold the most?

In the images below, we can see the same Amazon item (UPC: 783956540614) listed on eBay by 2 different eBay sellers.

One seller is using a title copied from Amazon, while the other seller has changed and edited the item title into a longer version with more keywords.

The first eBay seller, with the item title copied from Amazon, had 12 sales priced at $ 18.37.

The article title is 61 characters in length:

Etekcity 400 lb / 180 kg Black Body Weight Digital Bathroom Scale

The second eBay seller, with the edited item title version, had 366 sales priced at $ 20.99.

The article title has 80 characters and is different from Amazon:

LCD Digital Glass Bathroom Body Scale Weight Watchers Fitness Scales 400lb / 180kg

Conclusion: change the title of your eBay item to increase sales

If you are selling items on eBay using dropshipping services, and simply copy and paste the item titles from your supplier, it may not be enough in 2020.

In the short example presented above, we can see that longer and better eBay item titles that include popular and searched keywords can increase item visibility in eBay search results and drive more sales, sometimes with lower prices. higher than their eBay competitors.

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