How to Find Profitable Products?

How to Find Profitable Products?

First step: Picking a Supplier

Let’s go and find a supplier first.  In this case we will use HomeDepot just for the example. It doesn’t matter which provider you choose.

The second step is Finding a Niche

Go to HomeDepot, at the top, we have different categories. Let’s choose one.

Let’s say that we will go to all the departments and choose Home Decor, for example.

Why we chose this category?

We are looking for hot categories; we want to make more profits on the products that we find using this method and the home decor category is all year long hot one.

In the Home decor category, we want to overview the type of available products. We need to understand what’s going on in this category.

The third step is to check WatchCount

After we have got some ideas about what’s going on in this category, let us go to

After that, we will choose the category on the right that is right for the site that we are using, in this case, It’s HomeDepot. So we will go and find the home and garden category.

If we want to work on the sports’ niche, things like this, we will go with the Sports and Outdoors category.

The fourth step is Choosing The eBay Marketplace

After that, we have to choose the marketplace that we want to target. In this example, let us choose the US marketplace.

Then we will go to the category that we chose before, and we will take the name of the category, in this case, Home decor.

We will not take any specific keywords; it should be something general, so we will take “decor”. Put it under the keywords, and click “show me”.

Now we can choose from a lot of different items. You can see how hot they are right now and how much watchers they have.

Step number five is to choose a product and then check the competition.

We will go to the product, open it, and the first thing that we will do is to check the quality and the level of the seller, to know if we can compete with them or not.

The next thing that we will check is if this product continues to sell until now. So we will click on the amount of sold quantities to check when is the last time this item got sold.

Finding the Product in The Source (HomeDepot)

We will go and take the title of the product, then we will go to the site that we want to source from, in this case, it’s HomeDepot and try to search the title. You can search for the product with the description too.

The last step is to list the item and wait for the ca-ching notification sound.

So we checked the item in the watch count. Then we check the competition. We checked if the item is still selling a lot. The last and easiest step is to list the item and wait for the sales.

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