How to build eBay titles that sell?

How to build eBay titles that sell?

In today’s article I want to talk about writing great titles for your eBay listings! 

By great I want to say a title that:

Gives you the highest possible position in the search results;

Sells your product effectively;

It makes your ad stand out from the crowd!

You may be thinking: what is so special and important about titles, they are simple and easy, right? Well, listing titles may seem easy, but the question remains, why does the majority on eBay seem to have been written by a 3-year-old boy?

And it is not just the visual of those poorly written listing titles; they also affect search positions and clickthrough rates! So not only do they look bad, the listing of titles directly affects your sales for sure! Essentially, the title and image of the gallery are the most important things in your lists, as they determine if someone will click to read the rest of your description.

So let’s learn how to write the perfect headline on eBay’s list for maximum clicks and the best position in search results!

What to do and what NOT to do when we build our eBay listing titles?

If you check out the eBay Help section for writing good titles and list descriptions, here is what you have to do when writing listing titles:

Use descriptive keywords to convey clearly and accurately what you are selling. You can use up to 80 characters. You don’t need to use all 80 characters.

Include specific items. For example, include size, color, and status.

Specify exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.

Do not use multiple synonyms or plural. It is unnecessary for search and can make your title less attractive to buyers.

Miss punctuation marks and asterisks.

Don’t include “wow” or “look”. Buyers are not looking for words like these.

Use the correct spelling.

Don’t worry about creating a grammatically correct sentence.

Do not overdo it with abbreviations

Do not use all caps.

I agree with all of these! If you follow these basic guidelines, the titles of your listings will be just fine! To make them extremely good, follow these tips beelow:

1. ALWAYS start the title of your list with the MAIN KEYWORD, or at least put it in the beginning of your title. This makes a crucial role in the search results. You want your product to be mentioned at the top of your title if you want to rank higher in the search result.

So, for example, if you’re selling black covers for the iPhone 11, make sure the words “black,” “cover,” and “iPhone 11” are at the beginning of your title, like this:

BLACK iPhone 11 Cover | PREMIUM Quality + FREE screen protector!

2. Use capital letters in most words to make it easier to read the title of your listing.

Take a look at these two titles:

brand new apple iphone for sale, free shipping within the uk


BRAND NEW Apple iPhone for Sale! FREE Shipping within the UK!

Which one is better? 

3. Use capital letters in force words. Strong words are usually the key phrases that best describe the product for sale OR promote function or benefit.

If there is something you want to emphasize, use it. For example:

ORIGINAL Adobe Elements 22 – BOX | FREE delivery within the UK!

With this headling, you emphasize that the article of sale is a real product, as many people are afraid to not buy eBay software because of the many copies that are being sold. Also, in capital letters, the word FREE gives you extra attention to the fact that shipping is free for this item

Don’t fill in the title with unrelated words just to make it 80 characters!

Sometimes less is better and short headlines can actually improve your clickthrough rate. If not much can be said about the item sold, do not do the stuff or stuff it with keywords – it is of no use at all.

You can usually fill in unused characters by simply covering more product features or shipping details or a free gift that you include with each purchase.

There are some things that we should NEVER do when we are building a tittle. 

We don’t have to include misleading information or false information.

We don’t have to use obscene or profane language.

We don’t have to include website addresses, phone number, or email addresses.

We don’t have to use brand names other than the specific for the item that manufactured our item.

For example:

We can’t list item named Samsung 20 Car charger.

We can list Car Charger compatible with Samsung 20

So no matter what you think or how lazy you are, you need to learn how to write good headlines on eBay so you can crush the benefits of increased clicks, increased sales, and the most important, increased profits!

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