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Happy 4th Birthday to WSG!

We’re turning 4. It’s our birthday – but the celebration is for you!

Four years ago, it all started out with a dream. A dream to create something that will make it so much easier to manage your dropshipping business. After months of hard work and dedication, WSG came to life to become the best tool on the market. Today we have customers from all over the world and the best part is that we all share a common bond – we all chased a dream, took a risk and worked our hardest everyday to make it happen. 
We are super excited to be 4 years on the market. The past year has been really a blessing. We have expanded our team, moved to a new office, released a lot of new and super useful features…And we are not even thinking about stopping. The team is motivated and ready to keep up the good work. 
Our birthday wish is to only become better, to make our customers happy and to assist them in enlarging their business to become more and more successful. 
Of course, what is a birthday without a proper party? We always love having one of these. 😉 This is how it went …