Virtual Cards and Why We Need Them?

Virtual Cards And Why We Need Them?

Most of you know how much information hackers are trying to steal and what they can do about it. To protect against data theft, banks have created virtual debit or credit cards.

Why use them?

This is a secure means of payment on the Internet (you can’t use it anywhere else). In practice, this is a debit card that is tied to your real card. It looks the same as a regular debit card but has no magnetic stripe or chip. This card is preferably empty (no money), and you can deposit money through your online bank account only when you want to buy something online. Even if they steal your card, they have nothing to take from you because it is empty.
How about using eBay?
If you want to create a new account, you need a new card. If you have one, use it. If you don’t have one, you can make another one and use it, but you can’t just create countless bank accounts if you want to have several accounts. For this purpose, it is much easier and cheaper to use virtual cards.
Through them, you verify your new PayPal account and raise the limits for receiving withdrawals and sending money. If you use your virtual card, you can withdraw your money directly to it. In short, it does precisely the same job as your card, but it’s a virtual one.
The good thing about virtual cards is that we can have as much as we think we want to have. So what does that mean? MANY eBay accounts! That is, the more funds you have, the less you risk being banned for not following a rule, and we all know that they are becoming more and more.
What are the fees?
This is the best thing. We have absolutely no monthly maintenance fees here. All we have to do is monitor when the card expires and renews it.
Where can we find them?
Since my goal with this blog is not to make money from every visitor, but rather to help newer sellers learn how to do things on eBay, I will tell you that you can order them free of charge from your bank. When you verify an account with them, don’t forget to add at least BGN 5 inside so that the registration can take place.

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