eBay Managed Delivery

eBay Managed Delivery

Hello, guys! I’m glad you are here again and reading another of our articles! Today’s theme will be about the new feature – eBay managed delivery.

Hello, guys! I’m glad you are here again and reading another one of our articles! Today’s theme is going to be about the new feature known as – eBay managed delivery.

In every dropshipper’s life, there is this thing when they start to think about how they could scale their business. Don’t get me wrong, dropshipping itself is a huge and profitable business, you know – the sky is the limit. If we don’t develop we will stay in one place our whole lives. 

Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA, and eBay managed delivery are two different programs from two different well-known companies. Both of them have similarities, but they are different nonetheless.

Managed delivery by eBay

eBay has officially announced the introduction of eBay Managed Delivery, an end-to-end fulfillment service that will be available to US sellers in 2020. It is essentially being able to ship your merchandise into eBay warehouses and they will handle it, store it, pick it, pack it, ship it and send it off to the customer. Yes, you’re right. They are copying Amazon’s FBA.

Now with that being said, there’s going to be a lot of obvious differences, eBay is not Amazon and vice-versa and they’re gonna have their own way of doing it. We still don’t have a lot of details at this point, even the announcement they kind of gave us was an overview which is obvious but does not include a lot of details. We don’t know the pricing, or if there’s going to be a special plan or a membership of any kind. We don’t know what the packing fees are going to be, as well as details about the inbound shipping.

Amazon has shipping discounts and bulk and logistics in multiple warehouses. We’re heading out to wait and see what eBay will add as information about this program, but they are fighting with amazon and that’s for sure! In the presentation, eBay said that they are doing it their way. They said the managed delivery will include smart partnering warehouses, built on their technology and all this will be managed through eBay Seller Hub. 

eBay managed delivery buyer benefits

  • Fast & Free delivery
  • 2 days or less
  • Trackable 
  • Arrives in an eBay box  

In the brief, they said that their idea of winning value proposition is to be inventory that sellers provide, not faster shipping and this will be their main goal.

eBay managed delivery seller benefits 

  • Enhanced protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Store, pack, ship
  • Full tracking
  • Dedicated customer service

Lower fulfillment costs

With Managed Delivery, eBay says that you’ll save on fulfillment/delivery costs because eBay will negotiate competitive rates on 1-day 2-day and 3-day delivery options.

Seller Protection

Sellers enrolled in Managed Delivery will receive the same protections as Top Rated Sellers for Managed Delivery transactions. In addition, eBay will remove any negative or neutral feedback or item not received, stockout and item not as described (INAD) defects for the Managed Delivery transactions as long your INAD performance meets eBay’s requirements.

Simplified and faster shipping

In collaboration with their fulfillment partners, eBay will manage logistics and get your items out the door quickly and on time so you can focus on selling.

Increased visibility

eBay will make your listings stand out—let buyers know you’ll get their purchases to them in 3 days or less.

Save storage space

Store your merchandise at a Managed Delivery warehouse and save storage space, and costs.

eBay will take care of all operational details and will come in a quality package. They will offer dedicated customer service as well.

This managed delivery program will be for sure a strong tool for eBay, but of course, it won’t be mandatory. So if you are a dropshipper and don’t have an interest in their program, it’s okay. You can continue doing your business. 

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