Dropshipping from Sears

Sears To eBay Dropshipping

Web Seller Guru offers full automation for your Costco to eBay dropshipping business. You can take your time while we check your supplier items every hour and reprice them when needed.


  • They offer free shipping on qualified orders.
  • Large variety of products...Clothing, Appliances, Tools, Fitness & Sports and a lot more.
  • Wholesale US supplier. With the changes in eBay you have to find reliable suppliers.

  • Start your dropshipping business

    Go to sears.com and make a free account. Then you can start looking for products you can sell in your eBay store.

    Upload the products

    Upload the products to your eBay store for seconds with our listing builder.

    Web Seller Guru Reprice

    Web Seller Guru will check your listings every hour and reprice them if Sears increase the prices.

    Collect your profit!

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