eBay Flagged Account

Flagged eBay Account? What to do?

Flagged eBay Account? What to do?

eBay Flagged Account

Recently eBay has giving retail arbitrage dropshippers a whole lot of issues. They updated their item sourcing policy and made retail arbitrage dropshipping technically against terms of service and send a scary email to a lot of people saying that they lost their top-rated seller status because they were dropshipping and worst of all they have been flagging accounts now. What happens when your account gets flagged. When your account gets flagged you will know it. Your sales are gonna drop, your impressions are gonna drop, and promoted listings will stop working for you.

eBay promoted listings down

The flag can come in the second week or the third. Sometimes you can stay under the eBay radar for longer, but the flag will be there around the corner. So In this article, we will try to give you the best advice on what to do if you already got flagged and how to prevent it if you are still not.

Let’s get started!

If your eBay account is flagged, you should rethink your current trading strategy, change your mindset, and fight for something new. You can call eBay to verify code 587. eBay can tell you the status of the account and the possible factors that activated it. In 99% of the situations, the flag is because of the mispresent item location. You can ask if you can remove the flag. However, the truth is that eBay will not do this.

eBay has a response for this: “We can detect when you are in control of your inventory, so there is no need to provide evidence. To comply with the selling practices policy, you must demonstrate a change in your account activity for at least one month. Once compliant, you will see an improvement in search in 1-2 months. ”

Any business has setbacks and must be willing to face them and learn from them for the future. Never be discouraged or intimidated if something unexpected happens.

Try to learn ideas, methods, and strategies, and discover the best way to maintain a decent profit. Move with the times, innovate, and try new ideas.

You can follow these rules.

If your account is flagged, impressions of your product listings will fall by 60-80%, leaving a small number of sales every day. In this situation, you have to find ways to move your business forward.

If you still want to continue with your direct shipment on eBay, you must follow the rules regulated by the platform. This means that you have to work harder to review your direct shipping strategy and make your entire business comply with these regulations. Correct your misdeeds and try to keep your business on the right track.

Keep the rules in mind and then fight to scale your business. Optimize your new eBay store, use it with relevant keywords, attractive images and write a good copy of the product description for each ad. Remember to scale it to get a growing number of impressions and views.

To maintain a profit and continue operating successfully on eBay, market your new store and products.

To avoid being flagged again, it is better that you follow the dropshipping policy on eBay.

Learn the lesson and take steps to reverse the situation.

Set the correct item locations

eBay has implemented an algorithm to detect and limit the visibility of direct shipping accounts. Once detected, accounts are marked and restricted.

Several metrics help eBay find a direct sender that violates eBay’s direct shipping rules. The algorithm considers return labels, return addresses and tracking numbers. The most important factor is the location of the product; Pay special attention to this. To set the correct product location, you can start using the Amazon FBA program. Amazon FBA will fulfill orders and store your items, making it difficult for eBay to detect the location of the product.

Another idea is to leave the ship from China. Most of the senders that sell from China will not be affected by the eBay algorithm. Also, you can transfer listings with locations of unknown items to suppliers that have at least one item location. Amazon’s external vendors comply with this description.

When setting up your product locations, be consistent and make sure the location of your products is the same as a conventional eBay account.

Non-API Software

Web Seller Guru have a solution!

eBay will not report on accounts that appear to be managed by human activity – without any software.

The problem with this is that it is actually impossible to work that way and earn real profits without software that helps you manage your dropshipping business.

So how do you save time and still stay “under the radar” on eBay?

There are tools that allow you to do the work and works as a manual (Non-API) dropshipping software.

In fact, this means that you will simply install something in your browser that will make eBay assume that someone is manually running the stores.

With this method, if eBay verifies the software tools that are associated with your account, they will not find related dropshipping software.

This is because non-API solutions work without eBay’s remark.

With Web Seller Guru Non-API software you will be able to still list your items easy and it will track them, so you can be sure that you wont sell on a loss or sell out of stock item.

In conclusion

It’s not a big deal if your account in eBay get flagged . You have options; Don’t get frustrated and discouraged. Trust yourself and believe that you will overcome this difficulty by finding new ways to continue. Learn the lesson, follow the rules and correct your mistakes and product locations. Make sure your entire business is in line with eBay’s direct shipping policy. Strive to adjust your business marketing strategy. Still, keep calm and look for ways to make a profit. It’s time for you to move on.

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5 reasons to use Home Depot as a supplier

5 reasons to use Home Depot as a supplier

Резултат с изображение за home depot

Using WSG, you have plenty of suppliers to choose from. The full list of all the suppliers we support can be found here. All of them have their advantages but today we will talk about Home depot – which is, by the way, one of the most used suppliers by our clients. And there are reasons for that 🙂

We will go through 5 reasons why to use Home Depot.
1. Nowadays, people are extremely impatient. They see something online, they fall in love with it and they want to have it as soon as possible. To offer fast shipping is very healthy for your dropshipping business.
Home depot have a large variety of products with 2 days shipping. Also, any item costing more than 45$ gets FREE shipping, which is great. And no need to worry about the rest of the items costing below 45$, since WSG automatically will grab the shipping for them and apply it to our final ebay price.

2. Home depot offers a huge amount of items. They labeled themselves ” The World’s largest home improvement retailer” .

And it’s for a reason. Homedepot holds over 1 million unique products.
When finding a niche, it’s really important to be something you are really interested in. So for example if you really like decorating and you are good in it, the best idea is to aim at the Home Decor collection. That is why having such huge amount of items is so useful. Anyone can find what is interesting for them and make their life easier. 🙂

3. One of the most profitable dropshipping categories is the Home Improvement. It‘s also the safest one, with which you can earn a lot.
Shopping for products such as beds, wardrobes, tables, etc is always a tough job. More and more people now prefer to do it online. Many reasons behind that – not all samples are shown in the stores, you have to visit a lot of places to find something you like… blah blah blah! It’s so much easier to just open Ebay and buy your dream furniture with just a few clicks, right? 🙂

By the way Home depots has a lot of items with variations – for example color, which is great and it’s beneficial for you. With WSG you can list variations easily – > your customers will love the option to choose from different colors.

4. “The 30% profits method”
Now here’s something interesting…
If you buy a product from Home Depot and within the returns period, the price of it DECREASES, you can ask the support of Home Depot to match the price for you, according to the new price, and get the difference back.

5. Home Depot > Amazon
If you have used amazon as a supplier, you know that the locking of buyer accounts is a real struggle. Well, there is no such thing in Home Depot, so it’s a lot more convenient to use.

Резултат с изображение за dropshipping

That’s all folks! We hope to have given you a valuable information on Home Depot and why it is a great supplier to use nowadays. Now it’s up to you. 🙂

How to Dropship from Aliexpress to eBay

How to Dropship from Aliexpress to eBay

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is the largest online retailer in China owned by Alibaba Group and managed by Daniel Zhang. Aliexpress started as a business to business (B2B) company buying websites and then selling them. Aliexpress expanded to B2C (business to customer). They now offer super low-cost prices for the products, because of the connection between the manufactures and the customers. 

Is dropshipping on eBay from aliexpress is legal? 

The answer is yes! Aliexpress is totally okay with dropshippers as well as the manufactures. They are happy with all kinds of customers. With their low-cost items, you will be super profitable. 

How to dropship from Aliexpress to eBay?

You have to make an account on aliexpress.com. Then go to the search bar and search for your niche products or whatever you want. Then you can filter the items by clicking on orders. This will show you first the items with the most orders. If a seller has more than 1000+ orders you can be sure that this seller is reliable and good. Then you can open the listing and look at the reviews. All listings that have review rate from 4.5+ you can be sure that the customers are happy with the product and the seller is prompt in delivery. 

How to list the item on eBay?

You can list all the items in aliexpress with Web Seller Guru. We have full integration with them so it will be super easy for you to make your listings right. With our listing builder, the time for 1 listing to be live on eBay is less than 10-15 seconds. You can start your free trial today!

Delivery time

Aliexpress offers a lot of different delivery options for different countries. Mostly they provide free 30-40 day shipping to all the countries, but this is slow. However, most of the sellers provide 15-20 day shipping called ePacket. This shipping includes several countries as listed below. 










Hong Kong











New Zealand





Saudi Arabia








United Kingdom**

The United States***

Vietnam (currently in a trial run)

As you can see the United States and the United Kingdom are included, so you don’t have to worry. ePacket shipping is free most of the time, but with the new law about sales tax, some of the sellers are charging like $0.50-$1.50 for the shipping. We strongly advise you to choose this type of shipping because it’s faster than the normal one and they provide you tracking numbers. 

You can contact every seller in private messages and deal with them about the price and partnership. You can see how fast they will answer you and ask them about their handling time. This will help you to build an eBay policy for aliexpress dropshipping.


Most of the sellers in aliexpress accept PayPal payment, so that’s awesome for us – the dropshippers. We can directly pay with the customer’s money and we wouldn’t have to invest additional. However, the sellers that are not accepting PayPal, are accepting credit and debit cards, so you won’t have problems. 


That’s the basics you have to know about dropshipping in eBay from aliexpress. If you have any questions you can leave a comment and we will be more than pleased to answer you!

You are ready to start? That’s nice, but do you have automation software and someone with experience who can help you? Do you know that Web Seller Guru offers a 7 days trial that costs only 1$ for any plan and gives you all the help you need + 24/7 customer support? Yes, that’s true. Start your dropshipping journey, start today!

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Dropshipping from Sears

Sears To eBay Dropshipping

Web Seller Guru offers full automation for your Costco to eBay dropshipping business. You can take your time while we check your supplier items every hour and reprice them when needed.


  • They offer free shipping on qualified orders.
  • Large variety of products...Clothing, Appliances, Tools, Fitness & Sports and a lot more.
  • Wholesale US supplier. With the changes in eBay you have to find reliable suppliers.

  • Start your dropshipping business

    Go to sears.com and make a free account. Then you can start looking for products you can sell in your eBay store.

    Upload the products

    Upload the products to your eBay store for seconds with our listing builder.

    Web Seller Guru Reprice

    Web Seller Guru will check your listings every hour and reprice them if Sears increase the prices.

    Collect your profit!

    How to build eBay titles that sell?

    How to build eBay titles that sell?

    In today’s article I want to talk about writing great titles for your eBay listings! 

    By great I want to say a title that:

    Gives you the highest possible position in the search results;

    Sells your product effectively;

    It makes your ad stand out from the crowd!

    You may be thinking: what is so special and important about titles, they are simple and easy, right? Well, listing titles may seem easy, but the question remains, why does the majority on eBay seem to have been written by a 3-year-old boy?

    And it is not just the visual of those poorly written listing titles; they also affect search positions and clickthrough rates! So not only do they look bad, the listing of titles directly affects your sales for sure! Essentially, the title and image of the gallery are the most important things in your lists, as they determine if someone will click to read the rest of your description.

    So let’s learn how to write the perfect headline on eBay’s list for maximum clicks and the best position in search results!

    What to do and what NOT to do when we build our eBay listing titles?

    If you check out the eBay Help section for writing good titles and list descriptions, here is what you have to do when writing listing titles:

    Use descriptive keywords to convey clearly and accurately what you are selling. You can use up to 80 characters. You don’t need to use all 80 characters.

    Include specific items. For example, include size, color, and status.

    Specify exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.

    Do not use multiple synonyms or plural. It is unnecessary for search and can make your title less attractive to buyers.

    Miss punctuation marks and asterisks.

    Don’t include “wow” or “look”. Buyers are not looking for words like these.

    Use the correct spelling.

    Don’t worry about creating a grammatically correct sentence.

    Do not overdo it with abbreviations

    Do not use all caps.

    I agree with all of these! If you follow these basic guidelines, the titles of your listings will be just fine! To make them extremely good, follow these tips beelow:

    1. ALWAYS start the title of your list with the MAIN KEYWORD, or at least put it in the beginning of your title. This makes a crucial role in the search results. You want your product to be mentioned at the top of your title if you want to rank higher in the search result.

    So, for example, if you’re selling black covers for the iPhone 11, make sure the words “black,” “cover,” and “iPhone 11” are at the beginning of your title, like this:

    BLACK iPhone 11 Cover | PREMIUM Quality + FREE screen protector!

    2. Use capital letters in most words to make it easier to read the title of your listing.

    Take a look at these two titles:

    brand new apple iphone for sale, free shipping within the uk


    BRAND NEW Apple iPhone for Sale! FREE Shipping within the UK!

    Which one is better? 

    3. Use capital letters in force words. Strong words are usually the key phrases that best describe the product for sale OR promote function or benefit.

    If there is something you want to emphasize, use it. For example:

    ORIGINAL Adobe Elements 22 – BOX | FREE delivery within the UK!

    With this headling, you emphasize that the article of sale is a real product, as many people are afraid to not buy eBay software because of the many copies that are being sold. Also, in capital letters, the word FREE gives you extra attention to the fact that shipping is free for this item

    Don’t fill in the title with unrelated words just to make it 80 characters!

    Sometimes less is better and short headlines can actually improve your clickthrough rate. If not much can be said about the item sold, do not do the stuff or stuff it with keywords – it is of no use at all.

    You can usually fill in unused characters by simply covering more product features or shipping details or a free gift that you include with each purchase.

    There are some things that we should NEVER do when we are building a tittle. 

    We don’t have to include misleading information or false information.

    We don’t have to use obscene or profane language.

    We don’t have to include website addresses, phone number, or email addresses.

    We don’t have to use brand names other than the specific for the item that manufactured our item.

    For example:

    We can’t list item named Samsung 20 Car charger.

    We can list Car Charger compatible with Samsung 20

    So no matter what you think or how lazy you are, you need to learn how to write good headlines on eBay so you can crush the benefits of increased clicks, increased sales, and the most important, increased profits!

    How To Earn And Maintain Your Top Rated Seller Status

    How To Earn And Maintain Your Top Rated Seller Status

    The benefits of being Top Rated Seller on eBay

    The benefits of being Top Rated Seller on eBay are a lot. Let’s start with traffic. If you become a top-rated seller, eBay will know you are a good and responsible seller and will send you more traffic. This will increase your sales for sure. You will be able to qualify for Top Rated Plus listings which means that if you offer same or 1 business day handling time and 30 or longer day free returns, you will get TRS badge displayed on your listings which is making your customers feel more safely through the transaction. This TRS badge will boost the confidence of the buyer’s and your credibility as a seller.

    How to become a Top-Rated Seller on eBay?

    To become a Top Rated Seller on eBay you must maintain a few key metrics. It won’t be enough just to dream about it, but you will have to work about it. I will explain now.

    Late shipments:

    If you don’t send the items within your handling time or they are delivered after the estimated date of delivery, eBay will consider

    that the shipment is late. The late shipments have to be less than or equal to 3% of your transactions for the last three months.

    Cases closed without seller resolution:

    If you want the TRS badge you have to maintain no more than 0.3% of your total transactions for the last three months. This also includes the “Item not as described” cases and “Item not received” as well.

    Cancellations for being OOS(out of stock):

    These OOS orders canceled have to be no more than 0.5% of your total transactions for the last three months. 

    Valid Trackings:

    As we already know, you are required and have to upload valid tracking numbers for all of your transactions within the handling time that you promised. eBay counts the valid trackings after the scan from the carrier. 95% of your sales should meet these requirements to become Top Rated Seller on eBay.

    You can check this evaluation for your account from your seller’s Hub. eBay updates these statistics on every 20th of each month. You have to keep an eye on it. It’s very important for your business. These statistics are for the last three months.

    Here are a few more requirements:

    • Been active for at least 90 days
    • At least 100 or more transactions with a minimum of $1000 in sales (US buyers only) over the last 12 months
    • Adhere to eBay’s selling practices policy

    If you need the help of your journey becoming a Top Rated Seller on eBay – we are here!

    How can Web Seller Guru help you?

    Tracks price and stock availability in your suppliers every 1 hour and updates automatically on eBay so you won’t sell items that are out of stock anymore and you will decrease your defective rate.

    • Checks prices in suppliers on every one hour
    • Checks stock availability in suppliers every one hour
    • Updates price on eBay in case of a change in the supplier’s price using pre-set formula, fully customizable by the user!
    • Changes the price by chosen by the user percentage in case of out of the stock product!
    • Go to check wich supplier we support Supplier list

    Automatically moves the price up to and down to bring more activity into your eBay profile so you won’t cancel any orders anymore, because of an increased supplier price.

    • Increases the price of all products by a pre-set by the user amount every 3 hours
    • Decreases the price of all products by a pre-set by the user amount every 3 hours
    • Full control over which of your listings to use the service

    The inventory management system that helps you manage the product quantities in your store.

    • Manage the quantities all from one place
    • Last one feature – create scarcity by putting the display of your products to “Last one”
    • Auto relist feature – relist your products after a sale is made automatically
    • Choose quantity buyers to see on your products even if you have more at the moment

    We offer more features and automation so go and start your 7 days trial that costs only 1$ for any plan.

    You are ready to start? That’s nice, but do you have automation software and someone with experience who can help you? Do you know that Web Seller Guru offers a 7 days trial that cost only 1$ for any plan and gives you all the help you need + 24/7 customer support? Yes, that’s true. Start your dropshipping journey, start today!

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    10 Great Dropshipping Suppliers For US You Don’t Know

    10 Great Dropshipping Suppliers For US You Don’t Know

    Hello, guys! How are you?

    In this topic we will show you 10 different US suppliers you may not know. Dropshipping in 2020 is getting harder so you have to ensure you have good products and prices from the best suppliers. United States suppliers are better because they can offer free and fast shipping so your customers will be more than happy. 

    Let’s start with the first supplier in our list which is Kirkland’s.

    Kirkland’s is an American retail chain that sells home decor, furniture, textiles, accessories and gifts. It operates 434 stores in 37 states as well as an e-commerce enable website. It is based in Brentwood, TN. You can find Home Decor, Wall Decor, Furniture, Unique Gifts and more.

    They offer Standard 3-7 business day shipping and it costs $5.99. Also you can choose Rush 2 business day shipping and it will cost you $19.99. These are the prices for items up to $15. For more information about shipping please check – kirklands.com

    Bed bath & BEYOND is an American chain of domestic merchandise retail stores. Bed Bath & Beyond operates many stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

    Bed Bath & Beyond was founded in 1971. It is currently part of the S&P 500 and Global 1200 Indices. It is also counted among the Fortune 500 and the Forbes Global 2000.

    They offer Free Standard Shipping on Orders Over $39

    If you select a shipping method other than Standard, shipping charges will apply. Orders typically arrive within 3-6 business days. Items shipped directly from the vendor or to Alaska and Hawaii have longer delivery lead times.

    Chewy produces and retails an eponymous pet food brand, Chewy. In 2018 Chewy created Chewy Pharmacy, an online pharmacy providing pet-targeted prescription medications.Orders placed through the business are completed in coordination with a team of in-house veterinarians.The site also houses pet care literature and care advice regarding pet health. Items can be purchased a la carte online or delivered automatically.

    They offer free and fast shipping for orders over $49. For orders under $49 they charge $4.95 flat rate.

    MaxTool is a website where you can find all kind of tools & equipment. They sell hand tools, generators, lawn and outdoor power, automotive and a lot more. They also provide free shipping for orders over $49. For orders lower than $49 you will have to pay $6.95 flat fee.

    Start with Lowe’s for appliances, paint, patio furniture, tools, flooring, home décor, furniture and more. Buy Online and Pick Up In Store today!

    Lowe’s Companies, Inc. doing business as Lowe’s, is an American retail company specializing in home improvement. Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company operates a chain of retail stores in the United States and Canada. As of November 2018, Lowe’s and its related businesses operate 2,015 home improvement and hardware stores in North America. They offer fast and free shipping for orders over $45.

    Sam’s West, Inc. (doing business as Sam’s Club) is an American chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs owned and operated by Walmart Inc., founded in 1983 and named after Walmart founder Sam Walton. As of January 31, 2019, Sam’s Club ranks second in sales volume among warehouse clubs with $57.839 billion in sales (in fiscal year 2019) behind rival Costco Wholesale.

    You can find wholesale prices on Top Brands. They offer Free Shipping on most items. There is no minimum purchase.

    Albee Baby is a children US store since 1933. You can find a lot of items there like car seats for babies, strollers, gear, nursery, feeding accessories, bath & potty, toys, clothing, gifts and more. They offer Free Shipping for orders over $49. They charge $4.95 for the smaller orders.

    Costway has continued to exceed customer expectations in providing premium products with ultra-low prices since 2008.

    In 2009, Costway has started selling its name-brand products on large third-party platforms like Amazon and eBay. It wasn’t until 2015, Costway finally built its online store at www.costway.com. Within a few years, Costway achieved substantial growth by partnering up with Walmart, Macy’s and Ziff Davis, continuing matching the exact, high-quality and affordable low prices that customers are looking for, making the online shopping experience easy and fun.

    They offer Free Shipping on Everything which is nice.

    EDM was started in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2003. Our mission has always been to purchase a wide variety of consumer goods directly from manufacturers and deliver them to our buyers at the absolute best prices anywhere. In order to achieve that we cut out all non-essential steps in our procurement process, we buy in large quantities, we own and warehouse all of our items and keep our margins to a minimum.


    Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky, FactoryBuysDirect.com is a family-owned, online retailer offering quality fireplace inserts, wall space heaters, gas log sets, construction heaters and outdoor living products from manufacturers. Our in-house brands include Avenger and Duluth Forge.

    Their shipping policy:

    Whenever possible we will ship items via UPS or by the USPS. Due to size and weight, some products may be shipped truck freight. Shipping costs are based off product, weight, and size. Shipments are made to continental U.S. locations only. Special provisions apply to shipments to Alaska and Hawaii. They offer Free shipping for orders over $25.

    eBay Managed Delivery

    eBay Managed Delivery

    Hello, guys! I’m glad you are here again and reading another of our articles! Today’s theme will be about the new feature – eBay managed delivery.

    Hello, guys! I’m glad you are here again and reading another one of our articles! Today’s theme is going to be about the new feature known as – eBay managed delivery.

    In every dropshipper’s life, there is this thing when they start to think about how they could scale their business. Don’t get me wrong, dropshipping itself is a huge and profitable business, you know – the sky is the limit. If we don’t develop we will stay in one place our whole lives. 

    Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA, and eBay managed delivery are two different programs from two different well-known companies. Both of them have similarities, but they are different nonetheless.

    Managed delivery by eBay

    eBay has officially announced the introduction of eBay Managed Delivery, an end-to-end fulfillment service that will be available to US sellers in 2020. It is essentially being able to ship your merchandise into eBay warehouses and they will handle it, store it, pick it, pack it, ship it and send it off to the customer. Yes, you’re right. They are copying Amazon’s FBA.

    Now with that being said, there’s going to be a lot of obvious differences, eBay is not Amazon and vice-versa and they’re gonna have their own way of doing it. We still don’t have a lot of details at this point, even the announcement they kind of gave us was an overview which is obvious but does not include a lot of details. We don’t know the pricing, or if there’s going to be a special plan or a membership of any kind. We don’t know what the packing fees are going to be, as well as details about the inbound shipping.

    Amazon has shipping discounts and bulk and logistics in multiple warehouses. We’re heading out to wait and see what eBay will add as information about this program, but they are fighting with amazon and that’s for sure! In the presentation, eBay said that they are doing it their way. They said the managed delivery will include smart partnering warehouses, built on their technology and all this will be managed through eBay Seller Hub. 

    eBay managed delivery buyer benefits

    • Fast & Free delivery
    • 2 days or less
    • Trackable 
    • Arrives in an eBay box  

    In the brief, they said that their idea of winning value proposition is to be inventory that sellers provide, not faster shipping and this will be their main goal.

    eBay managed delivery seller benefits 

    • Enhanced protection
    • Cost-effective
    • Store, pack, ship
    • Full tracking
    • Dedicated customer service

    Lower fulfillment costs

    With Managed Delivery, eBay says that you’ll save on fulfillment/delivery costs because eBay will negotiate competitive rates on 1-day 2-day and 3-day delivery options.

    Seller Protection

    Sellers enrolled in Managed Delivery will receive the same protections as Top Rated Sellers for Managed Delivery transactions. In addition, eBay will remove any negative or neutral feedback or item not received, stockout and item not as described (INAD) defects for the Managed Delivery transactions as long your INAD performance meets eBay’s requirements.

    Simplified and faster shipping

    In collaboration with their fulfillment partners, eBay will manage logistics and get your items out the door quickly and on time so you can focus on selling.

    Increased visibility

    eBay will make your listings stand out—let buyers know you’ll get their purchases to them in 3 days or less.

    Save storage space

    Store your merchandise at a Managed Delivery warehouse and save storage space, and costs.

    eBay will take care of all operational details and will come in a quality package. They will offer dedicated customer service as well.

    This managed delivery program will be for sure a strong tool for eBay, but of course, it won’t be mandatory. So if you are a dropshipper and don’t have an interest in their program, it’s okay. You can continue doing your business. 

    WSG Affiliate Program

    WSG Affiliate Program

    There is a lot of different information that surrounds affiliate marketing – so let’s into this.

    Affiliate marketing is a results-based marketing program in which an external partner is rewarded with a commission for delivering a specific result to a merchant or advertiser. The result often is a valid sale, but it can also be a completed application form, a new free trial, or even a new newsletter subscription.

    The first affiliate program was developed in 1994, Amazon’s Associates Program (launched in 1996) is the most recognized as the longest running program and a model that others can follow.

    As e-commerce has grown over the years, so has the partner space. So much so that it is already embedded in the marketing strategy of top Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Macy’s and Target.

    With that being said we want to introduce you our affiliate program – The WSG Dropshipping Affiliate. 

    Promote Web Seller Guru tools and services and earn recurring commissions for the lifetime of the customer.

    We provide you with a special tracking link that you can share via your website, email marketing, ads, or any way you choose. Join for free and start earning income immediately.

    If you’re an dropshippier, online marketing specialist, consultant, blogger, or website owner, you can earn a monthly income by helping your audience discover Web Seller Guru Tools & Services.

    • Recurring Commission.
    • Free Sign Up.
    • Monthly Payments.
    • Receive Income for Lifetime of Subscriber.

    How It Works

    • Sign up for free with Web Seller Guru to become a Web Seller Guru affiliate.
    • you’ll receive an affiliate link.
    • You send new visitors to our site and we associate them with your affiliate account.
    • When the visitor creates a new tool subscription or order (from initial visit or subsequent visits) you receive a commission. The commission is equal to 10% of the plan purchased. 
    • Every time that customer pays for their subscription (or submits an order), you receive a payment until they cancel or downgrade their account.

    BECOME AN AFFILIATEhttps://webseller.guru/auth/register