How to get discount from your supplier + template

How to get discount from your supplier + template

Hello guys, in this article I will show you how to get a discount from your supplier on Amazon. No matter if it’s fulfilled by Amazon or it’s sold from a third party seller.
Let’s begin.
When you have an established eBay account and you are selling consistent and every day for sure you have items that are performing better than others. Start with analyzing your best sellers and write them on word/notes. Then calculate how many orders per week you get for the same items. If you have more than 10 sales per item/week you will most likely get a discount from the Amazon seller.
Now when you already have few best selling items go to amazon and open the listing.
You will see the “Sold by” text under the buy it now button. You have to click it and then choose to Ask a question.

Here comes the hard part. How to ask the supplier for a discount? Every Amazon seller can make a personal discount for customers by making coupon code which you can use when you are ordering his item, but how to convince him to give you the discount. You can use our template down below.



I’m interested in your product – (name of the product) URL – (link of the product or ASIN)

I have an online store and I’m selling a lot of (item name). I have a few suppliers now but no one can’t handle my order quantity every week. I can order from you (the quantity you sell) every week. I’m interested in different colors and sizes (if you need variations). The orders MUST be from the fulfillment by amazon program! We are NOT interested in shipping from China! We are ONLY interested in 3-5 day shipping times to the USA. (Type this because a lot of the sellers are from China and they will suggest you shipping from china because it’s more profitable for them) All our customers are from the USA and we will order from you – order by order ( not all orders to one address ). So what I need from you is to tell me if you can handle (the quantity you sell) weekly? Also, the price we need is (amazon price – $3-4 depending on the price) before tax. You can adjust the price to us only by making a coupon code so you can still sell your item to other customers at a higher price.

So that’s all. Let’s summarise – we need (the quantity you sell) per week (shipped to different addresses) and we need (amazon price – $3-4 depending on the price) price. Do you want to work with us? 🙂

Thank you for your attention, we are waiting for your answer!

P.S. (If we make a deal and start working together we can stop working with other suppliers and work only with you (if you can handle the orders).”



(The template is written like this because most of the Chinese sellers use google translate and it’s very hard sometimes to explain to them what you are looking for.)

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