WSG Affiliate Program

WSG Affiliate Program

There is a lot of different information that surrounds affiliate marketing – so let’s into this.

Affiliate marketing is a results-based marketing program in which an external partner is rewarded with a commission for delivering a specific result to a merchant or advertiser. The result often is a valid sale, but it can also be a completed application form, a new free trial, or even a new newsletter subscription.

The first affiliate program was developed in 1994, Amazon’s Associates Program (launched in 1996) is the most recognized as the longest running program and a model that others can follow.

As e-commerce has grown over the years, so has the partner space. So much so that it is already embedded in the marketing strategy of top Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Macy’s and Target.

With that being said we want to introduce you our affiliate program – The WSG Dropshipping Affiliate. 

Promote Web Seller Guru tools and services and earn recurring commissions for the lifetime of the customer.

We provide you with a special tracking link that you can share via your website, email marketing, ads, or any way you choose. Join for free and start earning income immediately.

If you’re an dropshippier, online marketing specialist, consultant, blogger, or website owner, you can earn a monthly income by helping your audience discover Web Seller Guru Tools & Services.

  • Recurring Commission.
  • Free Sign Up.
  • Monthly Payments.
  • Receive Income for Lifetime of Subscriber.

How It Works

  • Sign up for free with Web Seller Guru to become a Web Seller Guru affiliate.
  • you’ll receive an affiliate link.
  • You send new visitors to our site and we associate them with your affiliate account.
  • When the visitor creates a new tool subscription or order (from initial visit or subsequent visits) you receive a commission. The commission is equal to 10% of the plan purchased. 
  • Every time that customer pays for their subscription (or submits an order), you receive a payment until they cancel or downgrade their account.


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