5 reasons to use Home Depot as a supplier

5 reasons to use Home Depot as a supplier

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Using WSG, you have plenty of suppliers to choose from. The full list of all the suppliers we support can be found here. All of them have their advantages but today we will talk about Home depot – which is, by the way, one of the most used suppliers by our clients. And there are reasons for that 🙂

We will go through 5 reasons why to use Home Depot.
1. Nowadays, people are extremely impatient. They see something online, they fall in love with it and they want to have it as soon as possible. To offer fast shipping is very healthy for your dropshipping business.
Home depot have a large variety of products with 2 days shipping. Also, any item costing more than 45$ gets FREE shipping, which is great. And no need to worry about the rest of the items costing below 45$, since WSG automatically will grab the shipping for them and apply it to our final ebay price.

2. Home depot offers a huge amount of items. They labeled themselves ” The World’s largest home improvement retailer” .

And it’s for a reason. Homedepot holds over 1 million unique products.
When finding a niche, it’s really important to be something you are really interested in. So for example if you really like decorating and you are good in it, the best idea is to aim at the Home Decor collection. That is why having such huge amount of items is so useful. Anyone can find what is interesting for them and make their life easier. 🙂

3. One of the most profitable dropshipping categories is the Home Improvement. It‘s also the safest one, with which you can earn a lot.
Shopping for products such as beds, wardrobes, tables, etc is always a tough job. More and more people now prefer to do it online. Many reasons behind that – not all samples are shown in the stores, you have to visit a lot of places to find something you like… blah blah blah! It’s so much easier to just open Ebay and buy your dream furniture with just a few clicks, right? 🙂

By the way Home depots has a lot of items with variations – for example color, which is great and it’s beneficial for you. With WSG you can list variations easily – > your customers will love the option to choose from different colors.

4. “The 30% profits method”
Now here’s something interesting…
If you buy a product from Home Depot and within the returns period, the price of it DECREASES, you can ask the support of Home Depot to match the price for you, according to the new price, and get the difference back.

5. Home Depot > Amazon
If you have used amazon as a supplier, you know that the locking of buyer accounts is a real struggle. Well, there is no such thing in Home Depot, so it’s a lot more convenient to use.

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That’s all folks! We hope to have given you a valuable information on Home Depot and why it is a great supplier to use nowadays. Now it’s up to you. 🙂

eBay Dropshipping Guide for 2020


ebay dropshipping guide 2020

These days everyone is looking to start a side hustle. In fact, according to statistics, nearly 44 million Americans have a side hustle. And here comes the dropshipping to help you!

If you want to earn decent passive income by starting your eCommerce store but are skeptical about the complexities of inventory, delivery, and record-keeping, then dropshipping is the ideal option.

However, if applied correctly, dropshipping can help you make a lot of money.

In this Guide for Dropshipping, we will try to cover everything from what it is, to getting started, to how to make a successful dropshipping business.

Let’s start.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping has been around for a while. However, contrary to popular belief, this is not a quicker enrichment scheme.

This is a retail implementation method where the store does not own or maintain inventory. Instead, you buy the product from a third-party source and ship it to the customer.

You do not have to handle the product yourself or take care of the delivery process.

The biggest difference between a regular eCommerce or brick and mortar store and a dropshipping store is that the person selling the product is not handling inventory.

Let’s take a look at Amazon, the largest online store in the world. Suppose a customer enters Amazon, buys a new smartphone, pays the bill, and exits. Essentially, Amazon must store the smartphone at its retail location so that the buyer can see it and make a purchase.

They must also show the phone, set up their store to display it, make billing desks for the user to make a payment, store billing material at the billing counter, deliver the phone from their warehouse, etc. n.

This is where dropshipping is different.

In the case of dropshipping, the seller does not have a smartphone at all. Instead of storing the items in a warehouse, the dropshipper ships the item from a different shop.

Because you don’t need a lot of money or resources to get started with dropshipping, its popularity is growing. More and more retailers are skipping the strip.

And it makes a big business sense: you don’t have to store any inventory, and you don’t have to worry about packing and shipping. Have someone else do all these things for you while you make a decent profit.

In simpler terms, here are the exact steps you need to make when a dropshipper make a sale:

  • Shop your products online through a catalog presenting your products
  • Attract online users to make an online purchase
  • The merchant forwards the product list to the respective manufacturer/wholesaler/distributor, along with customer details such as name and address
  • The interested manufacturer/wholesaler sends the customer the item list (under the name of the retailer)
  • Dropshipping requires good trust and long-term partnerships with multiple stakeholders such as retailers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers.


The biggest reason why dropshipping has become a famous business opportunity is that it does not have a large entry-level.

Anyone with a small investment can start their own dropshipping company.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of starting a dropshipping business:



There is no business model without its fair share of disadvantages. And the dropshipping model is no exception.

Here is a list of some of the most common downsides of the dropship model:



Dropshipping is the perfect way to get into the world of business for beginners and those who don’t want to invest their money.

Previously, setting up a business required a large amount of money. People usually make their parents borrow money or work overtime to make money. Jeff Bezos started Amazon by borrowing money from his parents, and we all know how that came about.

What is eBay?

eBay is an online platform/website where you can sell your products. 

Like other e-commerce markets such as Amazon and AliExpress, eBay’s customer base has grown steadily for years. In the second quarter of 2019, the platform reached 182 million users.

The high volume of users on the platform has attracted online sellers who want to find customers for their products.

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is the most famous method of dropshipping now because amazon as a supplier is offering very fast and free shipping which is nice for the seller’s customers. Also, the customer support of Amazon is great. You will need them for sure.

So what is dropshipping from amazon to eBay looks like?

  1. Find a hot item that you think will sell a lot on eBay.
  2. Create a new eBay listing using the pictures and description from the Amazon listing.
  3. Depending on the shipping of the amazon product, set up your eBay shipping and return policy.
  4. Calculate your expenses on eBay and decide what profit margin will be okay for the product.
  5. When you sell the item on eBay, go to Amazon and order it with your buyer shipping address. Choose gift receipt – this will tell amazon not to put the invoice in the package and your buyer won’t see that you bought the product for less.
  6. That’s it! You made a few dollars profit. Now repeat this process with the same item or multiple items and you could be supplementing your income or generating enough money for this to be your primary source of income.


On the left, you can see this Nostalgia Retro Toaster is selling on eBay for $24.97 and on the right, you can see the same toaster in Amazon for $16.47.

Make market research to confirm the profitability

You will feel that this is not an important step to start dropshipping. However, don’t you hate it when you start doing something with high hopes and it doesn’t work out well?

Because dropshipping is easy to get started, everyone is trying to do it. However, only a few will survive. The most common reason for the failures is that almost no one is doing their “homework” properly! So, do you disagree that you need to do a market analysis before you start dropshipping?

How to do market research for products you can dropship?

Spy on your competitors 

This is one of the most famous methods for product research and it’s one of the most profitable ones. Why? Because what’s easier from just going through sellers and see how much they are selling? On eBay, you can see other sellers listings and also see how many pieces they sold for each product. This is super important information, because if you list an item that has been sold 10 times in the last 24 hours, this item will be more likely to be sold again, but this time from your account.

Spying is not just finding the item and copying it. It’s a little bit more complicated. 

Of course, you can find a winning product, but if you copy and paste the same pictures, title and description you are lowering your opportunity to sell.

When you find a nice product you have to start building your listing properly. Look at the pictures from the supplier. If you see pictures with bad quality or not showing the product at all, delete them. Then go to google and look if you can find better pictures for your product. You can also check on Pinterest. If you can work with photoshop – great! You can make collages and edit your pictures to make them unique. When you are ready with the pictures for the item focus on the title. Don’t copy and paste the supplier title or even your competitor titles. Аnalyze this title. Find the keywords. Sort the keywords by importance. You can use google keyword planner as well to see which are the trending keywords for your item. When you are ready with the title to go and make the description. Use imagination. Build a strong and good description so your customers can understand why your product is special and why they will need it.

When you are ready with the pictures, title, and description you are ready to go! You just built a nice product listing which is more likely to sell than 95% of the dropshippers out there.

How can I track if my supplier changes the price or the product go out of stock?

Although the dropshipping business model does not require you to store inventory, it is a good practice to maintain a section in the inventory of vendor warehouses as you will sell their products under your name.

The good news is that we are here to help you!

We offer inventory management and multi-warehouse dropshipping management software tools.

WSG Dropshipping Automation

Web Seller Guru has revolutionized the market for dropshipping automation software with multiple features that helps thousands of dropshippers every day.

Tracking System

Tracks the price and stock availability on your suppliers on every 1 hour and updates automatically on eBay Checks prices in suppliers daily Checks stock availability in every one hour Updates the price on eBay in case of a change in the supplier's price using a pre-set formula, fully customizable by the user! Changes the price by selected by the user percentage in the case of out of the stock product!

Suppliers we support:

Listing Builder

Upload products in eBay fast and easy using all the WSG suppliers Fast and easy product upload in eBay Automatically extracts product information from the supplier Template system – so that every listing can be beautiful! Pre-set profiles for various parts of your listing to save you time!

Price Movement

Automatically moves the price up to and down to bring more activity into your eBay profile Increases the price of all products by a pre-set by the user amount every 3 hours Decreases the price of all products by a pre-set by the user amount every 3 hours Full control over which of your listings to use the service

Quantity Manager

An inventory management system that helps you manage the product quantities in your store Manage the quantities all from one place Last one feature - create scarcity by putting the display of your products on “Last one” Auto relist feature - your products are automatically released Choose quantity buyers to see on your products even if you have more at the moment


So, that’s everything you will need when starting your first online dropshipping store! 

Don’t overthink and start now!

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Dropshipping from Costco

Costco To eBay Dropshipping

Web Seller Guru offers full automation for your Costco to eBay dropshipping business. You can take your time while we check your supplier items every hour and reprice them when needed.


  • 2-5 day shipping. Costco have fast and free shipping for most of their items

  • Large variety of products. Costco is one of the largest wholesalers in the USA.

  • Wholesale US supplier. With the changes in eBay you have to find reliable suppliers.

  • Costco will accept returns within 90 days , for the most of the items, from the date your customers receive their items.

  • Costco offers a lot of discounted items, so your dropshipping store would offer better prices.

  • You will offer different items than 99% of dropshippers in eBay.

  • Live Chat Support

  • Start your dropshipping business

    Go to costco.com and make a free account. Then you can start looking for products you can sell in your eBay store.

    Upload the products

    Upload the products to your eBay store for seconds with our listing builder.

    Web Seller Guru Reprice

    Web Seller Guru will check your listings every hour and reprice them if Costco increase the prices.

    Collect your profit!

    You are ready to start? That’s nice, but do you have automation software and someone with experience who can help you? Do you know that Web Seller Guru offers a 7 days trial that costs only 1$ for any plan and gives you all the help you need + 24/7 customer support? Yes, that’s true. Start your dropshipping journey, start today!

    Costway Dropshipping Guide

    Costway Dropshipping Guide

    Costway has continued to exceed customer expectations in providing premium products with ultra-low prices since 2008.

    In 2009, Costway has started selling its name-brand products on large third-party platforms like Amazon and eBay. It wasn’t until 2015, Costway finally built its online store at www.costway.com. Within a few years, Costway achieved substantial growth by partnering up with Walmart, Macy’s, and Ziff Davis, continuing matching the exact, high-quality and affordable low prices that customers are looking for, making the online shopping experience easy and fun.

    They offer Free Shipping on Everything nice.

    Costway has a lot of warehouse locations. They have nine large warehouses in total around the world. They have five in the United States, two in the UK, and two in DE.

    Pros and Cons about dropshipping with Costway

    • Costway have 9000+ self-branded products
    • A lot more brands than the self-branded
    • They offer fast shipping
    • They don’t put invoices in the packages (dropshippers heaven)


    • Costway have their logo on the packages
    • Their VIP program is not compatible with dropshipping 
    • You won’t be able to use Rakuten, because its against their policy.

    Costway and Web Seller Guru Partnership

    Costway and Web Seller Guru partnership is a very cool feature that you can use. We negotiated hard and win 3% off for you! Everyone who wants to use the feature can contact our support – 24/7 and he/she will be more than happy to help you.
    One of the coolest things about dropshipping with Costway is that they allow you to get an official agreement. They provide official dropshipping agreements. That is document, certification, that you will get from them authorizing you to sell their products on eBay. This agreement prevents you from Vero violation.

    Costway Dropshipping policy

    When you hit more than $10.000 in sales per month you can contact Costway through email – [email protected] ask for an additional exclusive policy.

    Costway advice you, if you are dropshipper not to use the ebates Rakuten affiliate program. They have the right to deny any outstanding amount of current commission.

    How to become a Costway Dropshipper?

    • Create an account
    • Contact Costway and let them know about your business model
    • Receive certification and approval from them
    • Begin your partnership

    Return Policy

    Costway provides Free 90 days return if the product is damaged. You can read their return policy in the website. This is nice for the eBay dropshippers, because it allow us to have 60 day return policy in eBay, which will attract more buyers.

    Costway Customer Support

    Costway customer support is straight forward. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact them. They will always be more than happy to help. You can contact them through email – [email protected] or their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pg/costway/about/ or even Facebook Messenger – m.me/costway 

    Their UK Phone Number – 01473550500

    Payment Methods

    They accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB.

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