How to Dropship from Aliexpress to eBay

How to Dropship from Aliexpress to eBay

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is the largest online retailer in China owned by Alibaba Group and managed by Daniel Zhang. Aliexpress started as a business to business (B2B) company buying websites and then selling them. Aliexpress expanded to B2C (business to customer). They now offer super low-cost prices for the products, because of the connection between the manufactures and the customers. 

Is dropshipping on eBay from aliexpress is legal? 

The answer is yes! Aliexpress is totally okay with dropshippers as well as the manufactures. They are happy with all kinds of customers. With their low-cost items, you will be super profitable. 

How to dropship from Aliexpress to eBay?

You have to make an account on Then go to the search bar and search for your niche products or whatever you want. Then you can filter the items by clicking on orders. This will show you first the items with the most orders. If a seller has more than 1000+ orders you can be sure that this seller is reliable and good. Then you can open the listing and look at the reviews. All listings that have review rate from 4.5+ you can be sure that the customers are happy with the product and the seller is prompt in delivery. 

How to list the item on eBay?

You can list all the items in aliexpress with Web Seller Guru. We have full integration with them so it will be super easy for you to make your listings right. With our listing builder, the time for 1 listing to be live on eBay is less than 10-15 seconds. You can start your free trial today!

Delivery time

Aliexpress offers a lot of different delivery options for different countries. Mostly they provide free 30-40 day shipping to all the countries, but this is slow. However, most of the sellers provide 15-20 day shipping called ePacket. This shipping includes several countries as listed below. 










Hong Kong











New Zealand





Saudi Arabia








United Kingdom**

The United States***

Vietnam (currently in a trial run)

As you can see the United States and the United Kingdom are included, so you don’t have to worry. ePacket shipping is free most of the time, but with the new law about sales tax, some of the sellers are charging like $0.50-$1.50 for the shipping. We strongly advise you to choose this type of shipping because it’s faster than the normal one and they provide you tracking numbers. 

You can contact every seller in private messages and deal with them about the price and partnership. You can see how fast they will answer you and ask them about their handling time. This will help you to build an eBay policy for aliexpress dropshipping.


Most of the sellers in aliexpress accept PayPal payment, so that’s awesome for us – the dropshippers. We can directly pay with the customer’s money and we wouldn’t have to invest additional. However, the sellers that are not accepting PayPal, are accepting credit and debit cards, so you won’t have problems. 


That’s the basics you have to know about dropshipping in eBay from aliexpress. If you have any questions you can leave a comment and we will be more than pleased to answer you!

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Dropshipping from Sears

Sears To eBay Dropshipping

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  • They offer free shipping on qualified orders.
  • Large variety of products...Clothing, Appliances, Tools, Fitness & Sports and a lot more.
  • Wholesale US supplier. With the changes in eBay you have to find reliable suppliers.

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    Go to and make a free account. Then you can start looking for products you can sell in your eBay store.

    Upload the products

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    Amazon closes French warehouses

    Amazon closes French warehouses after court ruling on coronavirus

    The US giant is closing its warehouse doors in France today.

    All 6 Amazon warehouses were closed following a ruling by a French court ruling that the company was not doing enough to protect its coronavirus employees in the country.

    On Tuesday, a court in Nanter, Paris, issued an emergency order requiring the company to suspend the sale of non-essential goods for a month while developing new safety measures.

    “Sales of food, medicine and hygiene supplies are still allowed under the ruling. However, Amazon France said that given the “inherent complexity” of its activities, and the potential €1m (£870,000) fine for each violation of the ruling, the risk was too high.” –

    Amazon employees have been informed to stay home and not go to work. “In the long run, we will evaluate the impact of this (judicial) decision on them and on our French logistics network,” Amazon added.

    Amazon plans to appeal the judgment.

    Is eBay Dropshipping Dead In 2020?

    Is eBay Dropshipping Dead In 2020?

    If you are an online entrepreneur with an online store, you must have heard the rumors about the death of dropshipping on eBay and I suppose you are now worried about the future of your online eBay business.
    Well, I tell you this: you don’t need to!

    The change in eBay policies

    As you know, bad news often spreads faster than good news, even when they are not true. The same happened this time too.

    So what really happened? Simply put, eBay changed its policy regarding dropshipping.

    As they affirm in their official communication: “Direct shipping is allowed, where you place orders directly from a wholesale supplier.”

    What is forbidden now is “list an item on eBay and then buy the item from another retailer or market that is sent directly to your customer,” they said in their words.

    In a nutshell, this means that you cannot have an eBay store and buy in other external and retail markets. The only allowed way to do dropshipping on eBay now is to close an agreement with one or more wholesale suppliers, that is, a dropshipping agreement, through which wholesale suppliers allow you to sell your products in your store and send them directly to your customer.

    Good news: Doing dropshipping through eBay is still possible, but with some new rules. However, finding reliable new suppliers, able to easily communicate with you, can be a very difficult challenge.

    So If we don’t stay on top of these changes that’s when we can fall behind. We see people fall behind and that’s where this kind of misconception that dropshipping dead comes in. You see for many people not everyone, but for many people when they start to see success with something like eBay dropshipping a lot of people get comfortable in that. You have to adapt to changes. You have to find a way and make things work again. 

    What worked two years ago just will not work today on eBay!

    The first change I want to talk about is the eBay managed payment system. So as of right now when you purchase something on eBay you buy it on eBay but then you get sent over to PayPal to actually purchase it. To actually make the payment and eBay wants to make their system all-in-one. So you buy it and pay for it on the same website just like every other website out there. This should streamline the process for both buyers and sellers so we will be seeing a little bit more ease going into the future because everything is in one place. eBay has also promised us lower fees with this new system. eBay also said that this new feature will open up more payment options for buyers which will hopefully result in more sales. Overall this is not going to have a huge impact on us as sellers. 

    It is a big change, it is a big move, but when it finally finished I think it’s not going to be a big of a deal. The managed payments have to be finished in 2021 – eBay said. So let’s wait and see.
    The new “old” thing in 2020 is the sales tax. In 2018 we saw the supreme court kind of shakeup sales tax here in the United States and put a huge burden on us as small sellers to start collecting sales tax for certain states in certain circumstances when we previously weren’t responsible for that. It got us scared but in the year and a half since that rule came out, we see that it is not that bad because increasingly what we’re seeing is that eBay is collecting that sales tax for us and sending it to all the states for us. Right now eBay is successfully collecting states tax for over 30 states and in 2020 there going to do it for more states. I think that maybe in 2021 eBay is going to collect the sales tax for all the states so we don’t have to worry about this.

    So let’s summarize…

    • If you are not adapting I’m sorry but your business is going to die. 
    • eBay business is not dead in 2020, you just have to change the way you do it. 
    • They will always be people out there who say that eBay dropshipping is dead.

    How well you adapt to changes?

    You are ready to start? That’s nice, but do you have automation software and someone with experience who can help you? Do you know that Web Seller Guru offers a 7 days trial that costs only 1$ for any plan and gives you all the help you need + 24/7 customer support? Yes, that’s true. Start your dropshipping journey, start today!

    eBay and Amazon Free Shipping

    Free Shipping – Yes or No?

    Free Shipping - Yes or No?

    eBay and Amazon Free Shipping

    Do I have to offer free shipping? This question crosses the minds of many sellers when they create their listing on eBay or Amazon.

    While there are many reasons to offer free shipping, there are some reasons why you should consider charging customers for shipping.

    In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of free shipping. eBay sellers may find this article more useful. If you are an FBA seller, all Prime customers now receive free shipping.


    1. Free shipping icon or accent

    Free shipping is usually emphasized in some way. Browse these products on Amazon and eBay and you will see them.

    Note that for both Amazon and eBay, the word free is underlined in some way so that it stands out. On Amazon, this is capitalized while eBay thickens the free shipping offer.


    eBay Fast & Free

    eBay fast and free shipping items

    In the case of Amazon, the Prime logo adds value to the list, since Prime members know they can use their Prime subscription to get free shipping.

    Sellers with a delivery charge may deviate from the main subscribers who think they should receive free shipping as they pay for a service that advertises it.

    2. Simplifies the shopping process and price comparison

    Sellers need to make the shopping process as easy as possible for the customers. This means reducing the work the customer has to do to buy a product.

    In our example above it is clear what the amounts will be for customers on Amazon and eBay. Adding shipping fees makes shopping a little harder.

    Sellers ask customers who are shopping for the price to do some mental arithmetic. This introduces at least one more step in the trade flow.

    Therefore, this reduces the likelihood that customers will purchase the product if they need to do more work.

    3. Free shipping filters

    Many online retailers, including Amazon, give customers the ability to filter all sellers with shipping fees. If customers click on this, your ad or offer will disappear from the results, even if your combined cost and delivery are lower than other sellers. 

    4. More Views

    As a result of offering free shipping on your products, you will get more views of your ad. Customers will not simply bypass your ad because of a shipping fee. Of course, some of these looks will turn into sales.


    1. Lower profit if you incorrectly calculate shipping fees.

    If you offer free shipping and don’t exactly combine shipping costs with the price of your product, you can earn very little, if any, from your sale. Sellers new to eBay make this mistake regularly: They offer free shipping or a fixed-price list price to drive sales. But they will not invoice shipping costs to customers nationwide or residents of Alaska or Hawaii.

    When sellers go to buy postage, they will be surprised to see a higher than expected shipping fee. Some sellers may even lose money from the sale.

    Canceling a transaction is not a good idea for new sellers, as it would affect their performance more than a high-volume seller.

    2. Fewer views

    As with the advantage above, you will get fewer views for your ad simply because customers will ignore your product or filter it completely.

    3. It is difficult to calculate profit

    Whether you sell domestically or abroad, you will not have a clear idea of how much you can expect to earn while the product is sold. This is because of how much you pay for shipping will vary greatly depending on where the customer is located. If you have an international client, you are likely to spend even more on shipping.

    The bonus is that sellers located near you may be more likely to buy from you, as their shipping costs would be lower than buying from a seller nationwide.


    Whether you should offer free shipping depends on your business situation. Many small businesses cannot afford generous delivery policies, as even a return of a few percents can quickly erode profits in the competitive daily landscape.

    If you sell small and light items, free shipping makes sense because the cost of them can be accurately estimated. But for sellers of large products, free shipping can be a bad idea, as customers who are further away will significantly increase shipping costs.

    How to increase your Dropshipping sales?

    How to increase your Dropshipping sales?

    How does Dropshipping work from Amazon to eBay?

    Using Amazon as their source of products and supplier: Many eBay sellers use eBay listing software with the same item, title, photos, item description (and highest selling price). Then, once the Amazon product is purchased from eBay, the software automatically orders the Amazon item and ships it to the eBay customer.

    eBay Dropshipping Sellers Competition

    This ‘lazy method’ of copying and pasting items from Amazon to eBay creates stiff competition between eBay dropshipping sellers selling the same items (copied from Amazon …) using the same title, images, and sometimes the same price, without any real difference between sellers, as seen in the image below:

    eBay Dropshipping items with short titles and missing keywords

    When eBay sellers use Amazon dropshipping, some issues may arise when copying Amazon item titles to eBay due to the difference between the eBay and Amazon platforms.

    For example, Amazon sets product titles to 256 characters per guideline; however, eBay item titles are  limited to only 80 characters, so the program sometimes skips important keywords when copying the Amazon title to eBay. These missing keywords may be relevant to the user’s search, such as Item Color, Brand, Model, or other item details, such as Material, Size, or target audience.

    eBay Search Engine: Better eBay Item Title Leads to More Sales

    The title of your eBay item is one of the most important factors for the eBay search engine because it allows you to sort and display relevant items in the search results using the best match algorithm.

    eBay sellers, and specifically dropshipping sellers, should consider changing their item titles to include popular and more relevant keywords for better visibility in eBay search results.

    Example: same eBay item, different titles. Who sold the most?

    In the images below, we can see the same Amazon item (UPC: 783956540614) listed on eBay by 2 different eBay sellers.

    One seller is using a title copied from Amazon, while the other seller has changed and edited the item title into a longer version with more keywords.

    The first eBay seller, with the item title copied from Amazon, had 12 sales priced at $ 18.37.

    The article title is 61 characters in length:

    Etekcity 400 lb / 180 kg Black Body Weight Digital Bathroom Scale

    The second eBay seller, with the edited item title version, had 366 sales priced at $ 20.99.

    The article title has 80 characters and is different from Amazon:

    LCD Digital Glass Bathroom Body Scale Weight Watchers Fitness Scales 400lb / 180kg

    Conclusion: change the title of your eBay item to increase sales

    If you are selling items on eBay using dropshipping services, and simply copy and paste the item titles from your supplier, it may not be enough in 2020.

    In the short example presented above, we can see that longer and better eBay item titles that include popular and searched keywords can increase item visibility in eBay search results and drive more sales, sometimes with lower prices. higher than their eBay competitors.

    How to build eBay titles that sell?

    How to build eBay titles that sell?

    In today’s article I want to talk about writing great titles for your eBay listings! 

    By great I want to say a title that:

    Gives you the highest possible position in the search results;

    Sells your product effectively;

    It makes your ad stand out from the crowd!

    You may be thinking: what is so special and important about titles, they are simple and easy, right? Well, listing titles may seem easy, but the question remains, why does the majority on eBay seem to have been written by a 3-year-old boy?

    And it is not just the visual of those poorly written listing titles; they also affect search positions and clickthrough rates! So not only do they look bad, the listing of titles directly affects your sales for sure! Essentially, the title and image of the gallery are the most important things in your lists, as they determine if someone will click to read the rest of your description.

    So let’s learn how to write the perfect headline on eBay’s list for maximum clicks and the best position in search results!

    What to do and what NOT to do when we build our eBay listing titles?

    If you check out the eBay Help section for writing good titles and list descriptions, here is what you have to do when writing listing titles:

    Use descriptive keywords to convey clearly and accurately what you are selling. You can use up to 80 characters. You don’t need to use all 80 characters.

    Include specific items. For example, include size, color, and status.

    Specify exactly what your item is, even if your title repeats the category name.

    Do not use multiple synonyms or plural. It is unnecessary for search and can make your title less attractive to buyers.

    Miss punctuation marks and asterisks.

    Don’t include “wow” or “look”. Buyers are not looking for words like these.

    Use the correct spelling.

    Don’t worry about creating a grammatically correct sentence.

    Do not overdo it with abbreviations

    Do not use all caps.

    I agree with all of these! If you follow these basic guidelines, the titles of your listings will be just fine! To make them extremely good, follow these tips beelow:

    1. ALWAYS start the title of your list with the MAIN KEYWORD, or at least put it in the beginning of your title. This makes a crucial role in the search results. You want your product to be mentioned at the top of your title if you want to rank higher in the search result.

    So, for example, if you’re selling black covers for the iPhone 11, make sure the words “black,” “cover,” and “iPhone 11” are at the beginning of your title, like this:

    BLACK iPhone 11 Cover | PREMIUM Quality + FREE screen protector!

    2. Use capital letters in most words to make it easier to read the title of your listing.

    Take a look at these two titles:

    brand new apple iphone for sale, free shipping within the uk


    BRAND NEW Apple iPhone for Sale! FREE Shipping within the UK!

    Which one is better? 

    3. Use capital letters in force words. Strong words are usually the key phrases that best describe the product for sale OR promote function or benefit.

    If there is something you want to emphasize, use it. For example:

    ORIGINAL Adobe Elements 22 – BOX | FREE delivery within the UK!

    With this headling, you emphasize that the article of sale is a real product, as many people are afraid to not buy eBay software because of the many copies that are being sold. Also, in capital letters, the word FREE gives you extra attention to the fact that shipping is free for this item

    Don’t fill in the title with unrelated words just to make it 80 characters!

    Sometimes less is better and short headlines can actually improve your clickthrough rate. If not much can be said about the item sold, do not do the stuff or stuff it with keywords – it is of no use at all.

    You can usually fill in unused characters by simply covering more product features or shipping details or a free gift that you include with each purchase.

    There are some things that we should NEVER do when we are building a tittle. 

    We don’t have to include misleading information or false information.

    We don’t have to use obscene or profane language.

    We don’t have to include website addresses, phone number, or email addresses.

    We don’t have to use brand names other than the specific for the item that manufactured our item.

    For example:

    We can’t list item named Samsung 20 Car charger.

    We can list Car Charger compatible with Samsung 20

    So no matter what you think or how lazy you are, you need to learn how to write good headlines on eBay so you can crush the benefits of increased clicks, increased sales, and the most important, increased profits!