How important is automatization on eBay to avoid disputes?

How important is automatization on eBay to avoid disputes?

eBay is a great way to make some extra cash, to feel more financially independent, or even to start and grow your own business. Anyone can do it. You just need some time to invest. But before you do that, make sure you take the proper steps to educate yourself about every little stone that can come your way during your dropshipping journey on eBay.

After finding the right products and listing them, you may think that everything is all set, and your business is up and running. But there are few more things you need to consider. Тhe more products you have in your listings, the more orders you receive, the greater the probability you get disputes or claims.

To handle them you need to be very diplomatic… or to avoid receiving them. In this article we will tell you what you need to know about claims and disputes, and how to avoid them with little help from Web Seller Guru.

What are disputes and claims?

If a buyer has a problem with their order such as:

  • The item is different than described;
  • The item didn’t arrive at all,

they can open a dispute. Then, you can communicate with them, as a seller, and try to find the best resolution of the problem.  When you both agree on some resolution, they can close the dispute. But if you don’t, you both can escalate the dispute into claim.

Then, an investigating agent from PayPal will be assigned to review the case and make the best decision.

What happens during a dispute or claim?

During the dispute, the transaction related to the ordered product will be withheld until the dispute is resolved. In some more complicated cases, the account may be restricted until the dispute is resolved. Then, the seller will not be able to receive PayPal payments until


How to avoid disputes and claims?

If you want everything in your dropshipping business to go easy and to minimize customer disputes and claims, you have a valuable assistant in this task – Web Seller Guru.  With the inventory management software, you will not only get forget about disputes and claims, but you will also grow your business because

It automatically uploads products from different suppliers

With the help of Web Seller Guru, your products can be listed on eBay fast and easy. This saves your time, energy and manpower which you can use to think and design marketing strategies for growing your business.  The listing builder will automatically extract info and photos from your supplier, to make sure that the information you present about your items is completely accurate. This will minimize the possibility of disputes.


It takes care of your inventory

The Web Seller Guru tracking system is designed to help you manage your inventory and prices without any effort. It checks prices and stock availability every hour and updates them on your eBay account, so that you always have up-to-date information on prices and product availability. And the best part – this task doesn’t involve manpower. Web Seller Guru works completely by itself, helping you to avoid stock outs and disputes.

It can move the price of the products when necessary

With WSG you can automatically to change the price of products listed every three hours at a pre-set price. You can also choose which products the software will change prices. This will help you add more activity to your account without having to spend your personal time on it.


Why use Web Seller Guru to avoid any problems with your business?

By using Web Seller Guru as your personal assistant for your dropshipping business on eBay, you will notice that:

  • You have less opened disputes and cases;
  • Your inventory is professionally managed without the need to do it yourself or hire someone else;
  • You have more free time to focus on growing your business and think about strategies;
  • You will work with the most famous suppliers;
  • You can use WSG Help Desk to have all your customers queries into one interface.


With WSG you will grow your business with ease and will automatically minimize the risks for your eBay account. Choose your plan now and elevate your business to the next level.